Total automated solutions for Chromatography and Sample Preparation.
Chromatography Workstations and Sample Prep Automation Solutions
  • CHRONECT Workstation FAME: Automated analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in oils and fats






  • CHRONECT Workstation MCPD: Automated analysis of MCPD in glycidyl esters


  • CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate: Automated analysis of Glyphosate in Foodstuff


  • CHRONECT Workstation PAH and imPAHct: Automated analysis of PAH in foodstuff by LC-LC-GC-MS/MS coupling and the imPAHct method


  • CHRONECT LC-GC Workstation MOSH/MOAH: Routine-capable LC-GC system for on-line determination of mineral oil contaminations in food,    feeding stuffs and packaging.


  • CHRONECT Workstation Sterols: Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control analytics


  • CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics: Automated Protein extraction and prep for high throughput proteomics workflow



Automated online SPE-LCMS Solutions:  Spark SPE solutions with UHPLC/MS



Multidimensional Robots:  CHRONECT Bionic and Quantos robots for a range of lab automation solutions including conventional sample prep, powder dosing, etc.



Front-End Chromatography Solutions and Interfaces
  • CHRONECT Multiplexing: to dramatically increase productivity of your LC-MS systems


  • SICRIT Ion Source by Plasmon: a new Ion source coupling GC to any LC-MS.


  • Universal LC-GC Interface for all GCs: The universal interface for professional and routine capable LC-GC coupling applicable for all GC and GCMS systems

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