World Leader in the automation of gas and liquid chromatography applications with their PAL System series of lab automation systems, with over 50,000 systems installed worldwide

PAL RTC: Highest Productivity.  The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) brings sample preparation to a higher level.


PAL RSI: Workhorse for Analytical Labs.  PAL customers working with GC love the possibility to use liquid, headspace or SPME sampling on the same system. LC customers appreciate the PAL because of its huge sample capacity, the range of syringes and valves available.


PAL LSIRobust and reliable sample handling.  In combination with the PAL Sample Control software all parameters of aspirating and dispensing of liquid samples can be fully controlled. This is crucial for perfect injections. A range of syringes from 1.2 μL to 100 μL is available.


PAL DHR Dual HeadProductivity x 2. Time is money. To maximize productivity the PAL DHR performs tasks with two heads in parallel; Two heads can move independently to execute two independent workflows: for example: Headspace with sample preparation, and standard addition or derivatization, or high throughput parallel injections into two GC- or LC-systems


PAL Consumables and PAL Smart Consumables.  Vials, Caps, Syringes, etc.  with optional Smart technology incorporated in SPME Fibers, Smart syringes, SPME Arrows, with color coding, system recognition, traceable, usage tracking.

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