Biocrates Life Sciences is the partner of choice for Metabolic Phenotyping, providing the fast track to metabolic biomarker signatures. With targeted metabolomics kits and services, Biocrates enables researchers to acquire comprehensive metabolic information quickly and reliably. With the acquisition of Metanomics Health GMBH, they provide the broadest metabolomics product portfolio in the industry, allowing deep metabolic phenotyping through targeted metabolomics profiling services, customized assays, targeted screening kits, and comprehensive data interpretation.

The total solution provider for Metabolomics

Kits and Services for quantitation of metabolites

AbsoluteIDQ® p180 Kit: ID and quantify over 180 metabolites from 5 compound classes

AbsoluteIDQ p400 HR Kit: Analysis of 408 metabolites using High -Res - Accurate MS

Bile Acids Kit: Standardized analysis of bile acids from only 10 µL of plasma/serum

AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit: ID and Quantify 17 steroid hormones

Metabolic Screening Services

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