BIOER, with origins in pioneering and manufacturing precision Peltier cooling systems, now design and produce some of the finest and most durable Peltier based instruments for life science research. In 1998, Bioer launched China’s first semiconductor-based (Peltier) PCR system. Bioer is the leading manufacturer of PCR systems in China, offering some of the world’s finest thermal cyclers for PCR and Real Time PCR, as well water baths, Dry Baths, NA Extraction, and a range of quality genomic and kits.

Experts in Peltier manufacturing with a range of quality thermal cycling products

Real Time PCR systems

  • LineGene 9600 plus
  • LineGene K Plus
  • LineGene Mini

Thermal Cyclers – a full range of reliable machines

  • GeneMax, Gene Touch, GeneQ, Gene Touch Plus
  • Life Touch, New xp, Life ECO

Dry Baths – Bioer’s breakthrough Dry Baths

  • ThermoShaker
  • Mixing Block
  • ThermoQ
  • ThermoCel

Water Baths

  • Shaking bath
  • Constant low temp
  • 4L/8L/12L baths

Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

  • Genepure Plus, magnetic bead-based NA extraction system
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