Founded in 2005, Semba Biosciences pioneered the development of continuous chromatography systems. Led by a team of experienced scientists, Semba is able to provide reagents, instruments, and methods for purification of biomolecules and chemicals. Semba’s Octave® Chromatography System is an automated liquid continuous chromatography platform for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds, capable of simulated moving bed chromatography (SMBC) and other continuous multicolumn protocols that increase productivity up to 20-fold vs. conventional single-column methods.

  • Octave® 10 Chromatography System
  • Octave® 100 Chromatography System
  • Octave® 300 Chromatography System
  • Octave® 12 Pump
  • Octave® 100 Pump
  • Octave® 300 Pump
  • Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detector
  • Semba ProPD™ and ProGMP™ Systems
  • Chiral Column Sets for small molecules
  • Columns for biomolecule separation
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